Why do leadership development programs / MBAs appear to be ineffectual? Its now proven 🙂 Amanda Nimon-Peters from Ashridge Hult MBA suggests that sharing leadership concepts on MBA programs does not change leadership behaviour.

So Ashridge developed a bespoke leadership behaviour course as part of the MBA. Even then virtually for 650 MBA students no change was realised after 3 months and for 18% no change at all after 8 months.

She concludes this leadership programs must focus on

– behaviour development

– behaviour development must have a dedicated faculty

– change the unit of assessment behaviour NOT knowledge

I have taught on the Ashridge MBA program. In addition the icebreaker faculty have found the the issue to address is

– board members don’t discuss the right things,

– not enough human and at a too higher level

The Icebreaker transformation / turnaround faculty – has to deliver results and cash in weeks, or these businesses would have gone bust.

Without a change in behaviours or thinking nothing changes?

www.winningthinking.uk captures this, we are already getting some great engagement on more MBA programs, automotive, industry, venture capital, logistics and even F1!

have a great day, Tom