Why do organisations develop blind spots?

Why do all executives become blinded?

Businesses lose sight of their core business. Why? because like the way our hair grows we lose our daily ability to appreciate it and therefore under value it. The response to this blindness is nearly always to develop new products or services. But in so doing we progressively stop charging for our core business and eventually get into trouble.

Diversions from the core business gathers so much clutter, creating an inefficient business model that squanders profits and limits growth. For employees this environment becomes very wasteful and stressful. For banks the complexity they accumulate in this way, has made them completely lose sight of their purpose and or ability to manage the business or measure risk.

Why does the core business matter?

The core of a business very often is difficult to replicate so in fact should be the means of creating sustainable margins and place to build upon. By identifying and restarting the core elements you can get back to basics and make far more money by:

  • marketing, selling and charging for the high value core activity
  • stopping non core activity

Breaking these patterns is difficult because executives simply don’t see or recognise these patterns.Executives always need help to identify the scenario or core business.

These patterns are not recognised because they are often recruited from the same sector where these patterns maybe the norm or the scenario they face may be unfamiliar. The actions taken often make things worse, such as discounting, diversifying, exporting etc.

The expertise to get a business back to its core is a specialist skill set. This is often beyond the scope of the service executives would naturally look for. Yet it is the skill set to keep on the right lines, exceed financial aspirations and reduce stress.

“These blind spots and the responses are always the root cause of a businesses financial trouble”

Unraveling complexity and demystifying business blind spots to transform profits is our forte because

“We operate in uncertain environments where delivering financial results and creating cash in short time frames is an imperative. Our customers often think our targets are impossible.. that is our norm”

Its impossible because our customers are blind to the opportunity, but that’s where we come into our own and like to get involved.

Have a good day,

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