If organisations get stuck what is the answer?

As this video explains“company beliefs and mantras” trap organisations in a pattern that closes down options. Why is this? It has got a lot to do with the fact our beliefs are formed before the age of 7: well before most of us started in business?

Take the following challenge on the chin:
in 2014 the CEOs main challenges were centred on human capital and customer relationships. This may not be surprising: when organisations let business mantras and beliefs prevail: stifling the options for existing staff to achieve their element of the strategy? It follows that stifling the options for staff will reduce the depth of customer relationships? So both of these challenges might be linked?

What’s the answer and what can we do differently in 2015? For the last 10 years Icebreaker have developed leadership approaches that immediately deliver from top-bottom. These approaches
open up new options en masse when organisations get stuck.

John Webster and I have pioneered and implemented some unique leadership strategies which have become the icebreaker engine. Over the last 10 years these have been proven to transform organisations and open a tap which provides access to endless options to deliver incremental value very, very rapidly. What’s amazing is that this is achieved FROM THE SAME TEAM and without additional investment!

To avoid this sounding trite, I would like you to give you an insight to experience some elements of this for yourself through a series of thenext 6 free videos. The first is below.

These videos are intended to fill a 1-2min agenda slot in a management meeting. The content is simple and immediately actionable, a means to transform profits very rapidly and unleash the potential of the people which have been squandered in your organisation.

In the last month, in addition, John Webster and I have created a series of 52 experiential videos lasting one to two minutes captured in a program called ANOTHER100k. Why ANOTHER100k? Because this content is all about results not academic achievement. These ANOTHER100k videos will be issued to paying ANOTHER100k subscribers every week for 52 weeks of that year.

What’s great, is whilst we are acutely interested in YOU achieving results, we expect you can achieve these results without the need for us to lead the process. Slower seems to suit many organisations: so the ANOTHER100k program is an option to transform your organisation at your pace over 12months. That said, if you have an appetite to accelerate results just call us and we can help 1:1.

Because I naturally prefer dialogue with people, the video delivery is unnaturally sanguine and therefore distraction free, but I hope you appreciate that the content is very sincere. This is not about me… this is about what we have learnt and what we would like to share. But off camera: you are welcome to experience my passion for achieving results and humour in abundance.

To get the ANOTHER100k show on the road: we are in the process of selecting 10 organisations to trial this as a beta test, in return for their feedback we will supply a licence and access to the full content free of charge. If you are interested to join our beta program without commitment please click here.

Whilst it’s been a challenge to condense 10 years of pioneering turnaround experience, it has become clear that it may be possible to take these approaches forwards yourself: this enables us to achieve our broader objective: to vastly increase the number of businesses we can transform and enable the paying ANOTHER100k clients take the approach forwards in their own way.

If you implement these 6 free approaches: they will transform results: and having let the genie out of the bag, it is difficult to stuff the genie back in again: so standing still and holding back employees will no longer remain an viable option.

Therefore the choice is yours and if you wish to apply to become one of the ANOTHER100k beta test organisations and get a licence free of charge please or join the ANOTHER100k waiting list due for launch end August 2015 enter your details into this form we can take it from there.

In return for implementing these 6 free approaches with your team: I would be very grateful to receive your feedback and or observations.

I look forwards to receiving your specific feedback and thoughts by next Tuesday.

Until then
Tom Pickering

Winner 2015 Global Turnaround Firm of the Year