icebreaker supporting an acquisition

  1. We have a network of investors and access to innovative sources of funding
  2. We have an delivery and execution team who can support due diligence, implementation, team development, and hand holding through to exit
  3. Resourcing capability to build the in-house team
  4. Access to the best legal, restructuring, resourcing & funding services
  5. A dispassionate view of what is the best approach to meet the business owners interests;
    • without any conflicts of interest; we use the firm is the best for a given situation
    • with internal peer review to challenge the most successful entrepreneurs to answer the “so what”
    • we address the whole challenge and take ownership. We support business owners with joint risk sharing through nominal fees during the process with the upside benefits aligned to the customers objective – the exit
    • we lead in our capability to build a successful legacy independent of business owners
    • our turnaround experience brings essential experience of recovering companies and the NEED to achieve results