The Owners Challenge selling their business

Many business owners are working flat out expecting to be able to sell their business and retire and for the company owner looking to release value from his business or sell outright, the environment has never been more difficult.

Struggling to grow, management worked all their lives for nothing, and still engrossed and central to the day – day. The traditional business sales agents are only part of a solution primarily  motivated to realize a sale, regardless of timing and value.

The traditional banking routes to fund a MBO has long since vanished and investment funds already have bloated portfolio’s meaning they are tied up. This leaves the business owner with a naive perception of what a firm is really worth, and with tough trading conditions the challenge becomes almost insurmountable – until now.

We would typically creating and realizing 2.5x the current value of the business in 2 years, and or somewhere between if the owner is looking to exit more quickly.

Icebreaker Uniqueness

We will leverage our expert network to do what is right for the business owner to meet their objectives