Is the recruitment broken and why people are so angry with recruiters? A summary from my post below with 850,000 views: intentionally provocative to test thinking. Is recruitment is broken? (data: Leadership IQ): – 46% of newly-hired employees fail in 18 months, – only 19% achieve unequivocal success. – only 11% fail because of their technical skills. Why might recruitment be broken? – poor interpersonal skills are overlooked. – the initial search criteria is a CV based when interpersonal skills and adaptability determine success. Tech firms are positively innovating to test the people dynamics using interactive tools. Denial: Most of the recruiter’s contributions recruiters denied or failed to acknowledge the challenge, and they lacked an understanding of there own or others psychology. These behaviours will drive people mad, mirroring the behaviours that caused the candidates they placed that failed: – 26% can’t accept feedback – 23% are unable to understand and manage emotions – 17% lack motivation – 15% have the wrong temperament Dare to be original? Many great people feel alienated. Does this explain the anger & the industry misalignment? enjoy Tom in 1-day realigns this original post: