#WIN OR #WAIT? Are you fit and ready for 2021 ! ? We ran another excellent intimate winningthinking masterclass with 4 more leading execs, yesterday, Here were a few of the type of breakthroughs they achieved:

– how to identify the core business – and STOP giving value away
– becoming aware of mantras that create stasis “we are the best professional services company in the world”
– configuration bias – filtering out facts that don’t fit with our thinking or timeline
– & the perils of how good we are at avoiding taking #newaction – it requires thinking – hard work
– how easy it is to have a breakthrough then failing to take the associated #newaction

Below are a few testimonies from a different session to give you an idea of the delegates unique outcomes.

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Don’t be fearful: instead, get excited and take new action, it’s your choice

This program is very exciting opens up a world of opportunity to make use of the time the government has provided for UK businesses via funding CBILs furlough etc.
The funding you have only provided the time to take new action.

#WIN OR #WAIT? What are you waiting for?



Cheers Tom

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