#WIN OR #WAIT? Have you normalised the #emergingscenario challenge rather than address it? The drivers and habit of inaction normalise the challenge, Are you fit and ready for 2021 ! ? We ran another excellent intimate winningthinking.uk masterclass with 4 more leading execs, yesterday, Here were a few of the type of breakthroughs they achieved:

– how to identify the core business – and STOP giving value away
– becoming aware of mantras that create stasis “we are the best professional services company in the world”
– configuration bias – filtering out facts that don’t fit with our thinking or timeline
– & the perils of how good we are at avoiding taking #newaction – it requires thinking – hard work
– how easy it is to have a breakthrough then failing to take the associated #newaction

Below is my peer David Allen sharing his view of why waiting is not a (viable) strategy..

To join us on our next cohort drop me an email. It’s fun too, humour is important..!

Cheers Tom

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