I am not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing if you can summarise your life’s learning into 35 minutes of video content or a short book with lots of big pictures. But eh… I find it takes time to make things simple: in my case its taken 30 years or so ­čÖé Maybe this will help others avoid making the same stupid mistakes? Or maybe like me you prefer to make the same mistakes and let history repeat itself – who nose ­čÖé ? A metoo product? really…? No.. winningthinking┬«: … is maximum bang for buck… Abridged in just 35 minutes of online video content, you experience the winning perspectives and learning from: coaching 200 FTSE CEOs; a MSc in Psychology; 2 years development; & 130 man years of refinement. All pressure tested and proven during 200 company turnarounds. For your convenience… 35 minutes the intense animated experiential learning content… creates a permanent shift in behaviour & performance. Access on the bus, share with your team, or alone for your self learning. www.winningthinking.uk enjoy, Tom